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Enterprise Assist works with a wide range of exciting companies and public sector organisations within the South West of the UK helping to improve their day-to-day and strategic operations.

Richard Carpenter, Enterprise Assist’s founder and senior consultant has built up a solid core of excellent local, national and international business consultants, mentors, advisors, entrepreneurs and business leaders who can be relied upon to help with wisdom, experience and actual hands-on action as appropriate. His strong business networking ethos has developed numerous relationships which continuously prove valuable when problems needs solving fast and appropriately.

Every client is completely unique however most common issues are shared by the majority. This probably means we have a swift answer or solution to discuss, offer or manage for you.

Let’s get started and discuss your requirements today. Call Richard right now on 07904 245 0948 or email and let’s start talking. The sooner we develop a relationship the sooner any problems can be identified, headed off and potential issues averted.

Business Strategy

A large proportion of businesses are started by people with a great idea, a particular passion, perhaps a focussed skill, maybe a desire to not have to answer to anybody, or at least not have to work for someone else. As they say however, it’s lonely at the top, and running a business can often be the loneliest place of all. Having an experienced business ‘friend’ to discuss concerns with, or to provide an opportunity to step away from the business for a constructive ‘helicopter view’ can be invaluable.

On top of this there are a number of trip wires snared to catch unsuspecting business owners out such as compromised cash-flow, under capitalisation, inappropriate prioritising of budgeting, recruitment issues, wrongfully believing that everyone that shows an interest in your product or service is an ideal client… and so the list goes on.

Was your business started with the end in mind? Is it built for sale…or just to give you a job? Is there a solid (or just imagined) strategy even?

At Enterprise Assist we provide a safe and secure platform to support you with all or any of these challenges. Our goal is to work with you as a long-term partner, providing access to an invaluable resource of knowledge and experiences at an affordable rate and timely pace.

Event Management

Holding an event can be a great way to promote your business or sell your products and services. Managed properly from the outset the chances of success are greatly increased. Managed incorrectly and it can be an expensive mistake.

Enterprise Assist has a long history of organising and managing successful events for itself and its clients from small intimate business forums and dinners to large conferences – both locally and further afield.

Find out more about our Event Management service as well as a list of forthcoming events by clicking here.


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